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The 11 Most Beautiful New Buildings in Brooklyn

Brooklyn can often feel like one giant construction zone, thanks to its boom times. But here and there, when the scaffolding is peeled away, the result of all the noise and dust is revealed to be pleasing to the eyes–even a delight, in the best cases. Those buildings, expressive in design and uplifting for their neighborhoods, deserve recognition.

That’s the role of the 18th annual Building Brooklyn Awards, which will take place Aug. 1 at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The winners have already been announced, comprising 11 recently completed construction and renovation projects, so we can offer a preview of what they look like–and what the judges say about them.

All told, the buildings “represent a great combination of large and small, public and private domains that really run the gamut of how development shapes Brooklyn,” states Rick Russo, acting president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, which presents the awards. And now the 2018 winners (last year’s laureates can be seen here):