Local Honey, Gothamist Gone, Crypto Charges, and Flying Axes

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Apiarist Chase Emmons handles a new honeybee frame at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm (Photo by Esther Horvat/Redux)

On Brooklyn rooftops, bees are busily producing thousands of pounds of local honey. We offer 9 ways to make your workplace more human. Gothamist and DNAinfo are shut down, but there’s still hope for local news. A Brooklyn businessman is busted for an alleged cryptocurrency scam. A tour guide introduces you to the borough’s best artisans. Meet the local blogger who got the Paul Manafort scoop. How to save mom-and-pop shops. And a Brooklyn bar transforms into an ax-throwing joint

1. Why bees are happy to work in the big city

Well-tended by enthused apiarists, Brooklyn’s thriving hives produce thousands of pounds of honey annually. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. 9 ways to make work more human

Brooklyn attendees of the Life@Work conference meditated, went to Mars, swapped stories about status, and brainstormed to make connections. Read more. [The Bridge]

3. DNAinfo and Gothamist are shut down after vote to unionize

A week ago, reporters and editors in the combined newsroom of DNAinfoand Gothamist, two of New York City’s leading digital purveyors of local news, celebrated victory in their vote to join a union. On Thursday, they lost their jobs. Read more. [New York Times]

4. What it'll take for local journalism to survive

This city isn’t short on stories, on crisis or human interest or problems to solve. But the five boroughs are no exception to a national crisis in the business of local news, a crisis that has too often kept digital innovation on the margins. Read more. [New York Daily News]

5. FBI busts Brooklyn man for alleged cryptocurrency scam

FBI agents on Wednesday arrested the brother of a big-shot Morgan Stanley banker at his Brooklyn home on charges he bilked investors out of more than $300,000 in a cryptocurrency scam. Read more. [New York Post]

6. Made in Brooklyn? This tour guide shows how it’s done

Gifted storyteller Dom Gervasi puts his show on the road with a new bus tour of the borough’s artisans and creators. Read more. [The Bridge]

7. Meet the blogger who got the Paul Manafort scoop

Flashback to our April profile: Katia Kelly of ‘Pardon Me for Asking’ covered her Brooklyn neighborhood with a hyper-local focus. Then she got a hot tip and ran with it. Read more. [The Bridge]

8. Brooklyn Heights hotel to become grand housing for seniors

A grand retreat for the golden years: Former hotel sold by Witnesses to become extravagant elder housing. Read more. [Brooklyn Paper]

9. The death and life of mom-and-pops

Outlining a few solutions to stanch the impending death of local retail. Read more. [Curbed]

10. Brooklyn bar will transform into ax-throwing joint

Opening in December, the 7,000-square-foot facility will help you channel your inner Paul Bunyan and build up your biceps while tossing its insurance-approved axes at targets. Read more. [New York Post]