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Amenities Galore! 9 Lures for Brooklyn Apartment Hunters

A rooftop infinity pool! Billiard tables! A science room for the kids! A “jam room” for playing out your inner Dave Matthews! These amenities may sound like come-ons for a Caribbean cruise liner, but in fact they’re some of the latest ways in which Brooklyn residential-apartment developers are luring buyers and tenants. In Downtown Brooklyn, thousands of new apartments have been built in recent years, which means that landlords are competing harder, especially in the luxury market.

One way to compete is to offer rent concessions, which have been increasing lately, causing Brooklyn rents to dip in recent months. Another way is to offer head-turning amenities that go beyond the standard exercise room or roof deck. The phenomenon isn’t confined to Brooklyn. In neighboring Long Island City, “People are being overwhelmed by the choices. There is an amenities war going on,” a broker told the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s what we found among the latest eye-catching apartment perks in Brooklyn: