Best Beer, Cyber Sleuths, Rogue Bikes and Munsters in Brooklyn

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Dining at the Threes Brewing outpost in Greenpoint (Photo by Chaz Cruz/Courtesy of Threes Brewing)

A Brooklyn-made beer is crowned the state’s best. Long-neglected Nostrand Avenue becomes a new gentrification flash point. Film crews invade the borough. Medical marijuana is coming soon. A girls-only summer class teaches cyber-security. The Brooklyn Nets move their HQ to Industry City. The River Café celebrates 40 years. A rogue bike-sharing operation will put random rigs on the street. And in a reboot of the old TV show, the Munsters are coming to “Hipster Brooklyn.”

1. Inside the brewery that makes New York’s best beer

Brooklyn’s Threes Brewing mixes expert craftsmanship with puckish social activism. PLUS: a baker’s dozen of the borough’s finest brewers. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. Nostrand Avenue: why it’s a new gentrification flash point

As a new restaurant sparks protest, the corridor’s small-business owners wonder: Will we survive rising afluence? Read more. [The Bridge]

3. How to film in Brooklyn and keep the neighbors happy

As the TV-and-movie business booms and crews proliferate, a Bushwick production showed how to bring the love. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. Medical pot is coming to Brooklyn. This could be big

The state approves two marijuana dispensaries, part of an industry expected to reach $50 billion within a decade. Read more. [The Bridge]

5. Turning high school students into cyber sleuths

At NYU Tandon School of Engineering, summer brings a deep dive into a pool of STEM experiments. Read more. [The Bridge]

6. Brooklyn Nets move their headquarters to Industry City

The Nets are moving their business operations one floor below their practice facility in Sunset Park beginning next summer. Read more. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

7. Gimlet raises $15 million to grow podcasting empire

Brooklyn’s Gimlet Media has been on a run, hiring aggressively, signing a lease for a swanky office and raising a boatload of money. Read more. [ Brooklyn]

8. View from the River Café: 40 years of feasts and firsts

Dining at a window seat in the luminous Brooklyn cafe, even the most jaundiced New Yorkers have to concede that the magic endures. Read more. [New York Times]

9. Rogue bike sharing company sets sights on NYC

Spin, a San Francisco-based company, will drop 150 rigs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and another 150 in the Rockaways. Read more. [New York Post]

10. The Munsters reboot will be set in 'Hipster Brooklyn'

In a return of the spooky TV family now under development, they are determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in Brooklyn. Read more. [Gizmodo]