Fast cars, a hot ad agency, and a huge night club

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Formula E racing, like this event in Mexico City, will be coming to Red Hook this month (Photo by Andrew Ferraro/LAT/FE)

Formula E racing comes to Red Hook this month with electric cars that sizzle. Two Brooklyn mavericks, an ad agency and a fashion label, succeed by going their own stylish way. Real-estate giants move deeper into Brooklyn, a mammoth nightclub opens in East Williamsburg, and the popular NYC Ferry is getting some bigger boats.

1. How cars like this will be doing 140 mph in Brooklyn

Formula E racing comes to Red Hook in July, aiming to thrill spectators with technology and speed. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. How Ace & Jig created a cult following for ‘slow fashion’

A Brooklyn-based design duo inspires a passionate community around its uniquely crafted textiles. Read more. [The Bridge]

3. This Brooklyn ad firm has no respect for boundaries

The Madwell staff succumbs to the siren song of the ice-cream truck (Photo courtesy of Madwell)

At Madwell, a suddenly hot creative shop, everyone is into everyone else’s business–and they like it that way. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. Real estate giants claim new turf in Brooklyn

Douglas Elliman, as well as Halstead, move deeper into the borough and intensify their presence in the hottest neighborhoods. Read more. [The Bridge]

5. Brooklyn Mirage, a mammoth club, is finally open

After a year of false starts, the nightclub opened as a huge, ambitious destination for deep house and techno parties. Read more. [New York Times]

6. Put on your headsets! A VR hub rises in Brooklyn

New York City unveils a $6 million plan to create a new tech center at NYU and Lehman College. Read more. [The Bridge]

7. The blossoming of Bed-Stuy: Is gentrification racist?

A Brooklyn author explores a neighborhood’s transformation and finds that many of the assumptions about it don’t quite fit. Read more. [The Bridge]

8. South Brooklyn ferry to get three new, bigger boats

Because of unexpectedly high ridership, the NYC Ferry said it will upgrade three of its 20 boats to carry 250 passengers each. Read more. [Brooklyn Reporter]

9. A pasta with personality, made in Brooklyn

Two entrepreneurs mix vintage techniques and fresh ingredients to create Sfoglini, a thriving new brand. Read more. [The Bridge]

10. As Brooklyn's waterfront spruces up, let’s not forget its past

Novelist Jennifer Egan and four fellow “water obsessives” explore the changing terrain of our shoreline. Read more. [The Bridge]