Scenes from Atlantic Antic, Brooklyn’s Epic Street Fair

A blazingly bright day brought out the crowds on the borough's 'Main Street.' We bring you 21 snapshots

A vibrant, colorful palette at Nambili Home Décor's booth (Photos by Steve Koepp)

The temperature hit a record 91 degrees Sunday in New York City, but there was no withering the biggest street festival in Brooklyn. The Atlantic Antic celebrated its 43rd year with more than 500 vendors and 100 local businesses set up along a mile of the avenue across four neighborhoods. Thousands turned out to shop for bargains, sample foods from empanadas to oysters, dance in the street, ride ponies and get their faces painted. The Bridge was there, and offers a few scenes from a fest that captures Brooklyn’s kaleidoscopic diversity.

A street festival without fried dough is like a day without sunshine. Atlantic Antic had both

Stretching for a mile on “Brooklyn’s Main Street,” the fair is like a longitudinal carnival

The cooks at Knafeh were like beards flying in formation

A flotilla of bowls from Skiba Studio Ceramics, which also sells on Etsy

T shirts and politics were made for each other. Brooklyn’s Rockstar Revolution specializes in original designs

Sometimes a smoked-turkey drumstick just hits the spot

Selling pediatric dentistry with a song (and nail painting)

atlantic antic

Pausing amid the cheerful chaos for a group-photo op

atlantic antic

Even on a hot day, dumplings drew a big crowd

atlantic antic

Dancing was permitted; no cabaret license necessary

Multi-tasking at the grill. In a digital age, what is more analog than corn on the cob?

An important rite of childhood: Capturing the me-on-a-pony picture

atlantic antic

Fragrances don’t just sell themselves. This vendor put some effort into her pitch

Oysters away! This vendor from bistro French Louie said they were sold out after shucking 2,000 oysters

atlantic antic

Acoustic interlude: the player on the left was cranking out some hot licks

Brooklyn can be spelled in many languages. This souvenir is from Atlantic Avenue Smoke Shop

“The pictures are free,” said this empanada dealer, who enjoyed his quip quite a bit

Beer gardens were overflowing, including this one in front of The Gumbo Brothers restaurant

You’ve heard of the notorious spaghetti donut from Pop Pasta? The gravy is baked right in

The sign may be a little redundant–is there any other kind of bratwurst?–but it goes well with beer on a sweltering day