A Streetcar, Tech Tips, Brooklyn Beer and Trump’s Slump

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Advocates of the BQX streetcar unveiled a prototype this week in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Photo by Steve Koepp)

A mockup of the proposed BQX streetcar is unveiled. Tech leaders come to Brooklyn bearing career tips. Building 77, a modern industrial palace, opens in the Navy Yard. In our podcast, Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy tells how he got started. Bulletin is a startup that calls itself “the WeWork of retail.” Swank cocktail bars are popping up all over. Subway ridership falls, for a change. The Brooklyn Nets offer a few reasons to believe. Food meets tech, with savory results. Trump’s business sees fortunes fall, and his son-in-law is sued for allegedly overcharging tenants (again).

1. This is what the BQX streetcar might look like

Advocates of the proposed 14-mile Brooklyn Queens Connector unveiled a life-size prototype to build support. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. Eight career tips from NYC’s hottest tech companies

How do you negotiate a raise? What can kill your resume? At the kickoff to a career fair in Brooklyn, job seekers got plenty of advice from companies like Google and Oath. Read more. [The Bridge]

3. Inside Building 77, a modern manufacturing palace

At the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a refurbished bunker-like structure is unveiled as a gleaming new workspace for 3,000 employees. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. Our podcast with Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery

In our latest episode, we talk with the entrepreneur who pioneered the craft-beer revolution and helped turn Brooklyn into an icon. Listen here. [From Day One]

5. If you have the goods, they've got a store for you

Bulletin, from two Brooklyn founders, gives small companies a place to sell their wares in a shared space. Silicon Valley has bought in. Read more. [The Bridge]

6. Cocktail hour: Brooklyn’s new bars stir with style

As mixed drinks get crafty and swank lounges proliferate, we explore the secrets of a successful mixology business. Read more. [The Bridge]

7. Subway ridership falls as M.T.A. scrambles to improve service

Despite an increase in the population and in the number of new jobs, average weekday subway ridership dropped to 5.712 million this September from 5.817 million in September 2016. Read more. [New York Times]

8. The business of the Nets: finding reasons to believe

With a new co-owner, young talent and an uptempo style of play, the rebuilding Brooklyn team is sparking optimism. Read more. [The Bridge]

9. When food meets tech: 12 cool ideas with good taste

At a Brooklyn expo, innovators brought out their latest ideas for making what we eat more sustainable, nutritious and delicious. Read more. [The Bridge]

10. The Trump Organization sees fortunes fall

Not only are the Trump Organization’s plans to develop a hotel here going nowhere, but prices are slumping for condos at Trump Tower and the Trump International Hotel and Tower. Read more. [Crain’s New York Business, paywall]

11. Jared Kushner sued for allegedly overcharging tenants (again)

Trump’s son-in-law illegally deregulated sixteen Brooklyn Heights apartments, says a new lawsuit. Read more. [Village Voice]