‘From Day One’ Conference on Business Values Launches in Partnership With ‘The Bridge’

One-day event to explore how companies can build stronger relationships with their employees, customers and community

The conference will take place at the home of BRIC, one of the city's leading producers of cultural programming (Photo by Jenna Salvagin, courtesy of BRIC)

When companies care about people, not just product and profit, their businesses tend to prosper. But how can companies build these values into their business–and stick with them–in an economy driven by disruption? To find answers, The Bridge and its partners have launched From Day One, a conference on business and society on Sept. 13 at BRIC House in Downtown Brooklyn.

The conference will explore how companies can build stronger, more purposeful relationships with their employees, customers, and community–starting today. “With some businesses making headlines for the wrong reasons lately, the cost of failing to be accountable is clear,” said Steve Koepp, editor of The Bridge and co-founder of From Day One. “What’s exciting about the conference is the mix of thoughtful business leaders who’ll show how companies can listen better to the voices they need to hear.”

“People are starting to insist that the companies they work with share their values,” said Nick Baily, co-founder of From Day One and founder of Complex Ventures. “It’s not enough any more to just have a mission statement, or a few good-works programs. Companies have to build those values into the core of their business models.”

Billed as a principals-only event, the conference is intended to bring together business leaders, activists and journalists who are in a position to effect change within their organizations. Discussions will address the growing demand for accountability in business with advice, solutions, and ideas for founders and principles across many disciplines. Topics include how to leverage customer relations to change and expand business strategies, how to put together inclusive and purposeful business teams, and how to define company values at a time of political division.

“All of these themes tie together in the sense of companies being asked to take a stand on issues of the day,” said Erin Sauter, one of the event’s three co-founders. “And whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, you’re on much firmer ground if you’re in tune with your employees, customers and neighbors.”

from day one

BRIC is situated in the heart of the Brooklyn Cultural District

This single-day event will feature keynote speeches, fireside chats, and opportunities to network and participate in more intimate discussions with conference attendees.

Speakers and panelists include Marissa Shorenstein, North East regional president for AT&T; Scott Heiferman, founder and CEO of Meetup; Amy Hall, vice president of social consciousness for Eileen Fisher; Penda Aiken, founder of executive recruiter PAI; Josh Tyrangiel, head of VICE Media’s news division; Lauren Lopez, vice president of talent acquisition for Condé Nast; Jeremiah Kane, senior advisor for Rubenstein Partners; Rachel Ernst, director of employee success at Reflektive; Romy Newman, co-founder and president of Fairygodboss, the women’s career community; Rebecca Karp, principal, Karp Strategies; James Hendon, director of the NYU Veterans Future Lab; Victor Pineiro, SVP of social media at Big Spaceship; Jennifer Abbondanza, vice president of corporate initiatives for diversity and inclusion at NBCUniversal; and Tucker Reed, co-founder of the real-estate technology and development firm Totem.

Among the event’s sponsors are AT&T, ConEdison, Eileen Fisher, Rubenstein Partners, Reflektive, Fairygodboss, BSE Global, Innovation Asylum, Wanderlust and Sixpoint Brewery. Co-hosts and media partners of the event include the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Fast Company and Complex Ventures.

Visit www.fromdayone.co to apply to attend.