Beautiful Bikes, Gender-neutral Beer, and the Lice Ladies

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Brooklyn Bicycles are made with urban commuting in mind, featuring chain guards and fenders (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.)

How Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is riding high. Why a Brooklyn executive was tapped to rescue J. Crew. An East Williamsburg filmmaker aims to finance her movie through cryptocurrency (we can explain). Brooklyn gets a self-driving vehicle startup, “Gender Neutral” beer, and kale grown in shipping containers. And the lice ladies of Brooklyn go corporate. Entrepreneurship is alive and well!

1. How to build a bicycle company in 12 easy lessons

Getting rolling was tough, but after five years in business, this Brooklyn entrepreneur has learned a thing or two about steering a startup. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. Why this Brooklyn executive was tapped to rescue J. Crew

West Elm president Jim Brett worked miracles with the Dumbo-based retailer. Now he’ll need to do it again. Read more. [The Bridge]

3. Northside music fest: Our top 10 picks

Some 300 artists are performing this week at the giant Brooklyn event; we offer a few essential choices. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. How cryptocurrency could change filmmaking

A scene from a teaser video for Braid (Image courtesy of the filmmakers)

A Brooklyn-based director aims to finance her thriller, ‘Braid,’ using an emerging technology for fundraising. Read more. [The Bridge]

5. Delta Airlines created a giant selfie opportunity in W'burg

The airline painted exotic locales on an the wall of an industrial building for singles to snap selfies like they’re world travelers. Read more. [Adweek]

6. Revving up Bklyn's leading autonomous vehicle startup

The 3D-mapping startup Carmera launches with the announcement of a $6.4 million financing round. Read more. [ Brooklyn]

7. A Gowanus brewery launches "Gender Neutral" beer

Threes Brewing will launch the new beer, a “pale lager with lemon zest,” at party on June 22, ahead of the NYC Pride Parade. Read more. [Patch]

8. Why Elon Musk's brother is growing kale in Bed-Stuy

Ten “entrepreneurial farmers” selected by Square Roots, Kimbal Musk’s startup, each get a 320-sq.-ft. shipping container to grow their crops. Read more. [Reuters]

9. A Muslim-owned Jewish deli is one of our best-kept secrets

Inside the unassuming storefront of David’s Brisket House sits a tasty lesson in deceiving appearances. Read more. [The Times of Israel]

10. The lice ladies of Brooklyn go corporate

What was once a homey—if disgusting—therapeutic rite of passage is a thriving business, right alongside parent-baby music classes. Read more. [New York Times]