Enviable offices, yoga at work, Gowanus heyday, and E-car racing

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

The Dumbo offices of 72andSunny come with a giant staircase (Photo by John Muggenborg/johnmuggenborg.com)

An ad agency’s enviable waterfront digs. Yoga on the job. The land rush in Gowanus. A rigorous indie school in Red Hook. The pitch for a new  trolley. And the buzz of electric-auto racing. All in Brooklyn.

1. Sweet spot: 7 ways an ad agency thrives in Brooklyn

Creative dynamo 72andSunny finds the right vibe on the waterfront in Dumbo. Read more. [The Bridge]

2. Love and yoga in a Brooklyn co-working space

Bringing a new twist to the format, New Love City offers a soothing blend of work and wellness. Read more. [The Bridge] 

3. How social media became the new 911 call

In emergencies, New York City increasingly gets the scoop from citizens tweeting and posting photos, declared a panel of experts. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. Why Danish tech startups feel at home in Brooklyn

The entrepreneurs (not the pastries) have arrived, in pursuit of talent and a major market. Read more. [The Bridge]

5. Inside BASIS, the school that aims to be world class

How a Brooklyn school, part of a larger chain, teaches students as Europeans and Asians do. Read more. [The Bridge]

6. Why everyone wants a piece of Gowanus

Will success ruin it all over again? Or can the polluted real-estate playground survive and thrive? 6 insights from a panel of experts. Read more. [The Bridge]

7. Inside the startup lab inventing the future of cities

At Urban-X in Brooklyn, eight teams of entrepreneurs work feverishly to create their products and hone their pitches. Read more. [The Bridge]

8. Commentary: Why the BQX steetcar will bring a better city


While a $1.7 billion project deserves to be scrutinized, let’s not forget the bigger picture: an economic boost for all. Read more. [The Bridge]

9. At Brooklyn's former LICH site, a sales gallery for 'River Park'

The Cobble Hill megaproject from Fortis Property Group has unveiled a sales gallery for its first pricey residences. Read more. [Curbed]

10. Formula E electric-car championship coming to Brooklyn

On July 15-16, the Formula E car racing circuit will arrive in Red Hook, bringing global motorsports to the city for the first time. Read more. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]