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The Bridge introduces a new podcast series, From Day One. Each weekly episode features a conversation with the founder of a pioneering Brooklyn business or civic organization, who reveals what it takes to launch, persevere and thrive. The first season will run for 12 weeks, hosted by Nick Baily, founder and principal of Dumbo-based Complex Ventures, and funded by a grant from the Made in New York Media Center. Please join us for an intriguing look at how things get started in New York City’s most innovative borough.

From Day One host Nick Baily interviewing Peter Shapiro in his office (Photo by Kim Thornton)

1/11/17 | Episode 15 Jenna Weiss-Berman, co-founder, Pineapple Street Media The podcast pioneer has come up with ideas so crazy, they actually work
12/21/17 | Episode 14 Jeremy McCool, founder and CEO, HEVO Inc. He envisioned cordless charging for electric vehicles–and he's making it happen
12/12/17 | Episode 13 Allison Kopf, founder and CEO, Agrilyst She created a digital dashboard for indoor farmers to fine-tune their crops
12/5/17 | Episode 12 Joseph Lubin, founder, ConsenSys A visit with the tech wizard behind Ethereum, a new vision for the internet
11/9/17 | Episode 11 Steve Hindy, co-founder, Brooklyn Brewery He pioneered the craft-beer revolution and helped turn Brooklyn into an icon
10/26/17 | Episode 10 Peter Shapiro, founder, Brooklyn Bowl This precocious nightclub impresario created a whole new kind of venue
10/18/17 | Episode 9 Sean Hoess, co-founder, Wanderlust Festival How he turned the yoga boom into a healthy, eco-friendly party
10/11/17 | Episode 8 Brian Streem, co-founder and CEO, Aerobo drones How a former art student helped create an industry that puts movie cameras in the sky
10/3/17 | Episode 7 Regina Myer, president, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership How a pioneering urban planner is shaping the face of Brooklyn today
9/26/17 | Episode 6 Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO, Big Spaceship How he launched into digital marketing in Dumbo at a time long before either one was cool
9/19/17 | Episode 5 T.R. Ludwig, CEO, Brooklyn SolarWorks At a time when solar power is coming of age, he found a way to make it work on urban rooftops
9/8/17 | Episode 4 Meghan Ritchie, founder, Megpies pastries How the baked creation she first sold on a Brooklyn stoop became a national brand
8/31/17 | Episode 3 Gerard Masci, co-founder, Lowercase eyewear He leaped into a business that had become virtually non-existent in America: manufacturing frames
8/25/17 | Episode 2 Hana Getachew, creative director, Bolé Road Textiles Her products are designed in Brooklyn and hand-made in Ethiopia, with vibrant results
08/16/17 | Episode 1 Peter Lawrence, principal owner, the Wythe Hotel How a visionary in the hospitality business launched Brooklyn's first boutique hotel and helped shape a famous neighborhood
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