Waterfront Dining, Help for Puerto Rico, and Hot Podcasting

Your weekly roundup of the latest Brooklyn business news, from The Bridge and its media colleagues

Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of the digital marketing firm Big Spaceship (Photo courtesy of Big Spaceship)

The founder of the Big Spaceship agency tells how he got started. We explore Dumbo’s dramatic new dining mecca, the Empire Stores. Brooklyn’s developers scramble to attract Amazon’s planned second HQ. We offer ten ways to help Puerto Rico. Podcasting is growing up fast. Two popular Brooklyn restaurants will eliminate tipping. And a new book by a bitterly nostalgic blogger bemoans gentrification.

1. New podcast episode: Big Spaceship founder Michael Lebowitz

Our podcast From Day One is a series of conversations with 12 Brooklyn entrepreneurs about how they got their start. In this episode, we hear Michael Lebowitz tell why he made a bet on two things well ahead of the curve: digital marketing and Dumbo. Listen to the podcast. [From Day One]

2. Dumbo’s dramatic new waterfront dining empire

The Empire Stores complex has quickly become home to some of the borough’s buzziest new restaurants. Read more. [The Bridge]

3. How Brooklyn could make room for Amazon’s second HQ

Sunset Park! Williamsburg! The Innovation Coast! Developers scramble to line up attractive campus sites to lure the online giant. Read more. [The Bridge]

4. Ten ways to help Puerto Rico and other disaster areas

As hurricanes and earthquakes create havoc for humanity, here are ways to donate to the relief efforts. Read more. [The Bridge]

5. How podcasting is getting richer (and richly diverse)

As the new industry soars in Brooklyn, a panel of pioneers gives an inside look at what makes it so appealing. Read more. [The Bridge]

6. Scenes from Atlantic Antic, Brooklyn’s epic street fair

A blazingly bright day brought out the crowds on the borough’s ‘Main Street.’ We bring you 21 snapshots. Read more. [The Bridge]

7. Why aren’t mothers worth anything to venture capitalists?

How startup Naya Health Inc. created a smart breast pump but can’t seem to get VC funding. Might be because the industry is 93% male. Read more. [The New Yorker]

8. Inside The Tillary, Brooklyn's newest 'sensory' hotel

The Tillary, a makeover of The Dazzler Brooklyn, is the borough’s newest “sensory” hotel, aiming to appeal to the five senses with plush textures, signature scents and other touches. Read more. [Travel Daily News]

9. Two of Brooklyn’s most popular restaurants eliminate tipping

Diner and Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg will switch to service-included pricing next week, owner Andrew Tarlow said. Read more. [Eater New York]

10. Tracking the Hyper-Gentrification of New York

Columnist Ginia Bellafante reviews the new book by the bitterly nostalgic blogger behind Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York. Read more. [New York Times]